Privacy Policy

     Tethir Ltd understands and respects the importance of safeguarding people's privacy and ensuring their private data receives full protection. As a young 'micro-business', our processes are simple, robust and suitable for the way we operate.  This privacy policy depicts the way we gather, handle and process your private data. We hope we can work together to meet both the spirit and obligations of the data protection legislation.

What kind of data is collected about me?

     We collect the following information about you:

  • First name and surname​

  • Email address

How will my data be used?

     Your data will be used to:

  • Allow us to respond to your enquiries promptly

  • Inform you about our current services

  • Inform you about future services that you may be interested in

How will my data be handled?

     As a start-up, Tethir has no centralised IT facilities of its own.  Information will be held on secure personal devices by one or more Tethir staff, each of which has the appropriate authorisation to do so. We will hold personal information for up to 5 years. Personal information that justifies longer retention will be subject to audit and consent.  Where the value of the information has expired, it will be deleted without seeking consent. 

     Tethir does not hold any personal information on behalf of third parties, nor does it share this data with such services.​

Your rights

     You will be given access on request if you wish to check the data content or accuracy.  You may exercise, at any time, your rights under the General Data Protection Regulations act regarding the access, modification or erasure of your personal information from Tethir’s data repository.If you choose to opt out from receiving any further information please contact us directly at, reasoning your motivation.


     If there are any concerns, one of the Company Directors may be contacted and immediate action will be taken to address your concerns.

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