Tethir winner of TEAC Wave 2 Final 2018

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Tethir was selected by BT, in collaboration with TIP and Facebook, as one of the two winners of the TEAC Wave 2 Final, held at BT Tower in London.

This TEAC UK (TIP Ecosystem Acceleration Centre) Wave2 was the second year that BT run the competition, with this year’s focus being on Intent Based Networking and Rural Mobile Coverage Solutions. TEACs are a global, sustainable ecosystem that attracts the brightest entrepreneurial minds and innovative investors to work together to produce breakthrough technologies that reimagine telecom infrastructure. By bringing together the key actors – established operators, cutting-edge start-ups, and global & local investors – TEACs establish the necessary foundation to foster collaboration, accelerate trials, and bring deployable infrastructure solutions to the telecom industry.

In partnership with TIP, several of the world’s largest Telecom Service Providers are hosting TEACs in the UK, Paris, Seoul and Germany.