New Projects

We welcome enquiries from new potential partners about exciting project ideas.  If you believe an optical solution could solve an important problem, please get in touch. We'll be happy to evaluate the opportunity with you. 

We specialise in applications of optics and electronics across: 

-  Optical sensing and detection

-  Free Space Optics


-  Range finding

Colleagues Brainstorming

An example interaction: 

Elizabeth works at a wood chip power plant.  She sees that the wood chips are often not mixed correctly prior to entering the furnace.  This is reducing the efficiency of the energy generation process and costing several hundred thousand pounds each year.  Elizabeth understands the problem and the plant well but doesn't know what technology is best to implement and there are no existing products on the market.  She contacts Tethir and asks if they're able to help.  Tethir works with Elizabeth to understand the best technical solution and the wider market opportunity.  A solution is found that requires some development work and has a high probability of succeeding.

An IP agreement is reached and Tethir develops a solution to be implemented by Elizabeth and later sold to other power plants, returning savings and profits to all parties involved.     

Our team of experts are happy to discuss your ideas and won't start charging until it's clear that there's a clear benefit for all involved.  Our business is in IP generation, so we understand the importance of confidentiality.  We pride ourselves on our discretion, rigour and team spirit.